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Sea Otter Chills Out video
Sea Otter Chills Out
This sea otter is enjoying itself during the weekend, I think he needs a cold beer in his hand.

Awesome Dog Puppet video
Awesome Dog Puppet
On the streets of Buenos Aires, a puppeteer is showing off his masterful skill with an amazing dog show.

Little Brother Ruins Sisters video
Little Brother Ruins Sisters
This girl is practicing a dance for school, she did not find that her little brother trolls her in the background.

Seal Just Want to Cuddle video
Seal Just Want to Cuddle
Charlie Bird is on his way through Antarctica, he took a moment to hang out with some seals and he even made friends with some seals.

Karate and Aikido - Nuns learn them as self-defense video
Karate and Aikido - Nuns learn them as self-defense
Orphanage nuns practicing martial arts in the magic of the story, and even still moves in the unique blend of Christianity into a "weapon" ... This, if true, that too is how much fighting you?

Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance video
Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance
This guy pulls off while dancing to a dubstep remix of Foster the People's hit song, 'Pumped Up Kicks'. Very good robot dance!

Little Dog Climbs Up A Tree for a Stick video
Little Dog Climbs Up A Tree for a Stick
Dogs are smart! This cute dog is well trained to get the stick by climbing the tree. Do you like the dog?

Hero Saves Man From Train video
Hero Saves Man From Train
It's unbelievable, this hero decides to take matters into his own hands and saves the poor guy from an oncoming train, and he succeed!

Cartoony Prank video
Cartoony Prank
Well, this video seems difficult to understand. There is a little difficult to explain, you`ll just have to watch it!

Cute Chipmunks Taking Peanuts video
Cute Chipmunks Taking Peanuts
There are two squirrels in the video, one is missing part of his tail. Every morning around 7am one sits out on a big rock behind the trailer and chirps at us till we come out and give him some peanuts.

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