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Dog Helps Puppy Up the Stairs video
Dog Helps Puppy Up the Stairs
For a young puppy, it takes courage to up the stairs. His older sibling is helping him to come over scary and hesitant. Dogs are really cool!

Cat Hates Guitars video
Cat Hates Guitars
Rock and roll is the Devil's music and I'll have none of it in this house you let me live in. This cat hates guitar solos.

Dad's Shooter Wake up
The kid looks like being camping, the Dad seems to be a doom Dad. Anyway, this is a good way to awake those sleeping kids, a little warm.

Sometimes dreams do come true video
Sometimes dreams do come true
This is another amazing sand art show by Ilana Yahav, it's fantastic. One day he will appear, real as life, bringing you your every wish...

Sand Art video
Sand Art
Ako Tsubaki is a sand artist from Japan, he is creating a scene using a glass and some colorful sand, enjoy!

Firefighter Ninjas video
Firefighter Ninjas
These guys are really cool! A couple of French firefighters demonstrate their lightning fast speed as they set up and scale a ladder in incredible time!

Sleepy Kid Eats Ice Cream video
Sleepy Kid Eats Ice Cream
Well, baby, I know you are so tired and sleepy, but can you be awake before you eat this delicious ice cream?

Puppy Gang Chases Kid video
Puppy Gang Chases Kid
This is possibly the cutest gang to ever chase someone down. The kid was lucky and he ended up being fine. Maybe puppies just like him.

The Spaghetti Fork video
The Spaghetti Fork
The Spaghetti Fork is definitely one of the more bizarre inventions out there. Not sure how many dinner tables will see the Spaghetti fork in the future.

Fan Runs From Security video
Fan Runs From Security
This would almost make baseball bareable to watch. The crowd gave the fan a standing ovation, but according to ESPN's Adam Rubin, the police eventually caught him. You can watch video of the incident below.

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