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Orangutan Cools Himself Like Human video
Orangutan Cools Himself Like Human
We all know that people evolved from monkeys, and there are too many similarities between monkeys. It's amazing to see how this Orangutan cools himself down just like any of us would!

Lego 3D Milling Machine video
Lego 3D Milling Machine
I really want one such amazing milling machine, it's made entirely from lego apart from one bit, the drill ibt. It churn out your designs in 3D. The model was developed by Arthur Sacek for ZOOM Education fr Life.

Custom Backwoods BMX Track video
Custom Backwoods BMX Track
It's not easy to build custom backwoods BMX tracks. These kids build a pretty bad ass BMX track in the woods of a mountain. But, they enjoy the track.

Crossing the Street In Iran video
Crossing the Street In Iran
This is pretty crazy, I think nobody needs stop lights when you can just cross the road like this. It looks like everyone makes it across just fine, I cannot believe it.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump's 757 Plane
WOW! You will see how ridiculously pimped out Donald Trump's Boeing 757 private plane is. When you have gold plated seat belts, life can be so good.

Double Backflip Off Swing video
Double Backflip Off Swing
This guy gets launched off a swing for some serious air-time with a little help from a friend. I can't believe he got as close to landing it as he did without breaking his legs!

Grandpa Planks Bottle video
Grandpa Planks Bottle
I think this is one of the most impressive planks out there! An 80-year-old man manages to balances his entire body on a glass bottle!

Cool Bike Tricks At Abandoned Railroad video
Cool Bike Tricks At Abandoned Railroad
Danny MacAskill is good at doing bike tricks around an abandoned rail yard. Good tricks and cinematography as always.

Driving A Quad Over the Lake video
Driving A Quad Over the Lake
For a good quad driver, a lake is no obstacle and just a piece of cake. This video shows you Quad driving on the water.

Garden Spider vs. Giant Wasp video
Garden Spider vs. Giant Wasp
You have to see this if you have never seen a spider wrap its prey. This large garden spider in a window and had these wasps flying.

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