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Wish - M&M
Wish - M&M's
Red gets wished over to a place where it's at least less crowded. The difference between the different colored M&Ms is the dye added to the outer coating.

Little Dancer video
Little Dancer
This little boy is watching TV and showing off his mad dancing skills. Attention, he is following the guy in the TV and he caught it.

Smoke Rings at Mt Etna video
Smoke Rings at Mt Etna
This smoke rings are rarely seen, Mt Etna proves it's cooler than the other volcanoes out there. It's filmed by Geoff Mackley at Mt Etna.

World's Best Tricks 2011
This is an awesome compilation of the greatest tricks so far this year. Props to all the amazing people in this video, and countless others that would deserve to be there as well.

Dog Plays Volleyball video
Dog Plays Volleyball
This smart dog named Petey loves playing volleyball and he is really good at it. He's ever better than most of the people.

How to Enter your Car video
How to Enter your Car
This seems to be the quickest way to enter your car, but I think he may have problem getting out of that car, LOL!

Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway video
Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway
Obviously this is the best kind of wingsuit flying. The view is simply stunning. The video is taken by by Jokke Sommer.

Adidas Delivers Panty Shot in Mini Skirt Showdown video
Adidas Delivers Panty Shot in Mini Skirt Showdown
Here we have adizero vs. Mini Skirt, a challenge to determine, well, we really don't know what. That the wind from a guy running with Adidas sneakers can whip up a girls skirt so you can see her panties? Yes, only in Japan.

Scared Drifting Driver video
Scared Drifting Driver
The Saudi passenger thinks he can take it, so he is enjoying the ride. But the lebanese driver shows him otherwise.

Tasmanian Devil Young video
Tasmanian Devil Young
Taronga's Tasmanian Devil Keepers got their first hands-on check of four little devil joeys, the first born at the Zoo this breeding season.

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