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The Smoking Cat video
The Smoking Cat
This kitty seems to love her cigarette. But please keep in mind that smoking is not healthy, haha!

Roof Jump Timing video
Roof Jump Timing
In this stunt timing is critical. Well, poor guy, you just need to jump a little earlier. This is dangerous, do not imitate or follow.

Cat Thinks it
Cat Thinks it's a Dog
This cat seems to think it's a dog, not a cat. Well, what do you mean I still have to be in videos?

Swimmer's False Start is Truly Embarrassing
Well, he is not Michael Failps. But his teammates call him Michael Failps. I think he's just too nervous. As a professional player, this should not happen.

Four Buildings Demolished in One Go video
Four Buildings Demolished in One Go
Just in one go, four 21 store buildings in Dundee, Scotland were brought down using more than 1,400 detonators.

Vilnius Mayor Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank video
Vilnius Mayor Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank
Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania really can not tolerate these illegal parking chaos guy, so he opened the armored personnel carrier, from above it rolled over!

I'm Home
We have lots of style to go home, but this style of going home is really and really cool, I just like it.

Hunchcat of notre dame video
Hunchcat of notre dame
This kitty is dancing aka Bootylicious cat dance. Maybe naming him Quasimeowto would have made sense.

Korean Starcraft Stage Show video
Korean Starcraft Stage Show
Star craft is very popular in the Korean, they even have a world famous league match. They're getting sufficient laughs in this video.

Cute Baby Hippo in San Diego Zoo video
Cute Baby Hippo in San Diego Zoo
In San Diego Zoo, this fat little baby hippo has fun turning around under water and playing with Mom.

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