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100 Sake Bombs Like Dominoes video
100 Sake Bombs Like Dominoes
On new year's eve, one Hundred Sake Bombs lined up then dropped like Dominoes at a Sushi Bar in Santa.

Arm Wrestling Girl Breaks Arm video
Arm Wrestling Girl Breaks Arm
Arm Wrestling Girl Breaks Arm is a sport about the strength. I think it's not good to girls for arm wrestling. I'm no doctor, but I know arms aren't supposed to go flaccid.

Dog Tucks Itself In video
Dog Tucks Itself In
Obviously this dog is smart, maybe he's a programmer. He's exhausted after a long day of computer programming. He need to have a good rest.

Bulldog Loves Board Sports video
Bulldog Loves Board Sports
Maybe this is an English Bulldog and it's name might be Tillman. He sure loves his board sports.

Biscuit the Climbing Dog video
Biscuit the Climbing Dog
Biscuit the dog is a little crazy and very energetic, she also loves going rock climbing with her master.

The Barfing Cup video
The Barfing Cup
Sometimes you feel bored, very and very bored. This is what can happen when you get really really bored.

Helicopter Lands on a wall video
Helicopter Lands on a wall
Some serious skill going on here. Jason Krause sticks a wall landing at the 2009 AMA Expo.

Little Kid Does Donuts on ATV video
Little Kid Does Donuts on ATV
Wow, Can you believe it? I think he's either great at doing donuts, or terrible at driving straight.

Eyrie video
California College of the Arts graduate David Wolter animation works - just this week, he became a screenwriter DreamWorks.

Street Cup Stacking video
Street Cup Stacking
This seems to be impossible, but it happens! The most important thing is not the speed, it's how the guy did it!

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