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Crazy Marriage Proposal video
Crazy Marriage Proposal
It seems the boy wants to see "Will you marry me" to his girlfriend. Unfortunately when he try to catch the ring he falls off 4 stories of building. What happened next?

Epic War video
Epic War
Epic War is a crazy war between the father and the son. It's great to have the war with the plastic toy soldiers for the super-villains war.

Xploderz TV Commercial video
Xploderz TV Commercial
The water gun called xploderz is really cool. It will be great if I had one in my childhood. It's good to have a real Counter Strike with your friends.

Ride in the bike lane video
Ride in the bike lane
New York City, a man named Casey Neistat in bike lanes in the absence of cycling, the police fined 50 U.S. knife. He angrily, produced this "public service", to tell you only ever ride the bike trail riding is what the consequences...

Real Life Super Mario Bros video
Real Life Super Mario Bros
Are you a Super Mario Bros fan and do you want to play a real life game of Super Mario Brothers? What would you do if a screen popped up in front of you?

Playing with an Otter video
Playing with an Otter
It seems this otter like the handsome boy, he's playing with the otter here and there. The video is taken at the San Diego Zoo.

Dog Catch the Ball video
Dog Catch the Ball
This is amazing, the dog can even understand Japanese. The puppy called Purin learned to catch the ball while standing under the master's training.

Cola Rocket video
Cola Rocket
Do not try the Mentos and Diet Coke fun. Had a lot of laughs afterwards and still laughing about it. Enjoy but do not imitate.

Dove Ruins Kitten
Dove Ruins Kitten's Nap
Did you ever see such boring pigeon? The cat's nap is brutally destroyed by an over enthusiastic pigeon. Enjoy!

Best way to avoid getting hit by a train video
Best way to avoid getting hit by a train
A train is running to the man, the guy is not nervous a little. Can you imagine how he avoid getting hit by the train?

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