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Ferris Helps Dot Matrix Escape video
Ferris Helps Dot Matrix Escape
There are two dogs in the video, Ferris and Dot. Dot is locked in the cage. Ferris is helping his sister Dot escape.

Smart Cat Open the Door video
Smart Cat Open the Door
Is a cat smart enough to open a door? This video proves yes! Even if the door has a handle locked.

Photoshop on the paper video
Photoshop on the paper
We know that photoshop is great and powerful. But in this video you will find a more powerful photoshop. If this comes true, it will be very and very great!

Ape With AK-47 video
Ape With AK-47
Can you believe it? A soldier give a monkey a loaded gun, can you imagine what happened? An ape can use AK47! This ape is really lovely and smart.

How It Should Have Ended: Super Mario video
How It Should Have Ended: Super Mario
Everything has an ending, everything! Mario just won't die? Here's how it should end. Is he from a karting accident or under piles of money?

SNSD Echo MTV video
Seohyun is the third lead singer, Sunny sing 2note better than Tiffany but Fany has a nicer voice. Yoona singing´╗┐ is weak and she is lead dancer. They rarely use autotune, 5 best singers are Taeyeon, Sica, Seohyun, Sunny/Tiffany in order but Seohyun lack expression and emotion.

Annoying Orange video
Annoying Orange
Orange meets a trio of potatoes, what are they talking about? Go to watch the video and see what happened.

Dog Attack Shark video
Dog Attack Shark
Can you believe it? It's the craziest thing, a dog on a boat jumps right into the water and bites this shark and drags it to land.

Dog Attacks Firecracker in Kid
Dog Attacks Firecracker in Kid's Ass
This video is popular on This dude lites up a firework and his dog things he is burning and comes to his rescue causing them both burns.

The World
The World's Best Driving Road
The boys search for the best driving road with Lambo, Porsche and Aston Martin. Enjoy!

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