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Evolution of Dance video
Evolution of Dance
Judson Laipply's comedic interpretive dance classic the "Evolution of Dance" is one of the few videos on YouTube in the exclusive 100 million views club. The video still gets comments round the clock.

Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old Girl video
Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old Girl
Star Wars summarized by an adorable 3 year old girl is one of the cutest and most hilarious things you'll ever watch. Guaranteed. Just remember: "the shiny guy always worries."

Cat Talking video
Cat Talking
This is actually a remix of a previous viral video that caught two cats apparently engrossed in conversation. This is what they're saying if your cat-to-English translator is switched on.

Sneezing Baby Panda video
Sneezing Baby Panda
The sneezing baby panda proves two things: baby bears are cute, and baby bears with the sniffles are adorably hilarious. The mother panda's surprised reaction to her baby's olfactory explosion is really what gives this video staying power.

Chocolate Rain video
Chocolate Rain
Tay Zonday ever meant for his song "Chocolate Rain" to be labeled a comedy. Actually, it's not a bad song. At times bizarre lyrics make it hard not to laugh while watching this one.

Baby Laugh video
Baby Laugh
I want to know what is the reason to make the baby smile so exaggerated, enjoy!

Fun Challenge: Try Not to Laugh video
Fun Challenge: Try Not to Laugh
Laughing makes people slow aging. When you laugh, your brain will relax for a while, so that the brain has more time to rest. Can you try not to laugh through the whole video? It's an not easy challenge.

Pretty Girl Motor Show : Korean Racing Girl video
Pretty Girl Motor Show : Korean Racing Girl
This video shows you a pretty Korean racing girl, she's lovely and beautiful, enjoy!

Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts video
Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts
Don't try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Study computers instead. -Jackie Chan

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