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Original Excellent Bike Tricks video
Original Excellent Bike Tricks
Tim Knoll showes you his great bike tricks in this video, it is maybe hard for the beginner, but it seems very easy to Tim.

Animals Are Awesome Too video
Animals Are Awesome Too
Animals are necessary characters in the natural, they are awesome tool, this video will show you a brand new awesome compilation in the Humans Are series.

John Merritt Wood Carver video
John Merritt Wood Carver
John Merritt is a professional wood carver and he has been carving for more than 50 years. Watch the video and learn how John create his works.

PSY Miko Style video
PSY Miko Style
Gangnam style is very popular around the world and the parodies are still going and there is no end in sight. Did you ever see the Miss Korea 2012 Contestants do their own parody?

Smart Baby - Who is your Favorite? video
Smart Baby - Who is your Favorite?
This little baby is really smart, watch the video and know who is his favorite.

David Wetherill with a fantastic shot video
David Wetherill with a fantastic shot
Since 1960, the Paralympic Games have taken place in the same year as the Olympic Games. At the london 2012 Paralympic Games, David Wetherill from Britan have a fantastic shot.

Husky Puppy Tries to Howl video
Husky Puppy Tries to Howl
The puppy was on the floor for a total of maybe´╗┐ 4 minutes. Sure he was nervous about the floor, and yes looking around for his mother who was right outside the door, but Siberians are also very vocal & begin to socialize around this age.

Most Awesome Pool Fails video
Most Awesome Pool Fails
A splash with five of the greatest pool fails of all time. So grab a beach towel, and strap on your flotation devices, this Most Awesome is slippery when wet.

Funniest 10 Commercial 2012 video
Funniest 10 Commercial 2012
The funniest commercial in 2012, ten commercials in one video. The idea is really creative in all the 10 commercials, enjoy!

Laughing Quadruplets video
Laughing Quadruplets
Quadruplets are having a conference with the father, all of them are so happy. The problem is I think nobody understand what they said.

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