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Daily Fails Compilation 54 - August 2012 video
Daily Fails Compilation 54 - August 2012
Life is filled with fails, just smile at it because we have to go on with it.

Sledge Hammer Fail video
Sledge Hammer Fail
Zach worked hard and failed to open the door with his great hammer, while another guy made it with his knee. Sometimes choice is more important than the effort.

Smart Dog Rides Bike video
Smart Dog Rides Bike
We know that a monkey can ride a bicycle, but can you believe it? A smart dog can even ride a bike by himself. This is really amazing!

Dolphin Play Bubble Rings video
Dolphin Play Bubble Rings
Dolphins are very cute, I wish all they could be free although they are happy in the aquarium. This video is taken at Sea World, Orlando.

Unbelievable Hula Hooper Girl video
Unbelievable Hula Hooper Girl
Many people have hooping skills, it is a fun sport for girls. Fairfax, VA Hooters Girl, Heather, takes hula hooping to a whole new level.

Bad Timing Rope Swing Fail video
Bad Timing Rope Swing Fail
Precise timing makes things work, but the guy in this clip seems does not really understand this. See the poor stunt fail he makes.

Woman vs Parking Barrier video
Woman vs Parking Barrier
Parking Barrier seems to be a big problem for this poor woman. See what she is doing with the parking barrier. Maybe she need a driver.

Wild Horses Are Wild video
Wild Horses Are Wild
A wild horse is really beautiful, the guy can't help stopping and pet it. But, the wild horse is wild and it does not like the man.

Monkeys Love Whipped Cream video
Monkeys Love Whipped Cream
Do you believe it? These cute monkeys love whipped cream. It seems it was not the first time these monkeys got their hands on a canister of whipped cream.

Assassin Stunt Chase: Derek Barnes Demo Reel video
Assassin Stunt Chase: Derek Barnes Demo Reel
Derek Barnes put this video together to showcase his new skills and entertain a few people with the help of his great friends. He is trying to make it as a stuntman in Hollywood.

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