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Strongest Girl In The World Prank video
Strongest Girl In The World Prank
This little girl obviously the strongest girl in the world, she got so many donations that nobody can even lift the buckets full of coins. Watch the video to see what happened to the girl.

Cool Precise Cutting Skills video
Cool Precise Cutting Skills
Chef Hiro Terada is a chef in a fast paced restaurant located in Miami, in this video he shows us his quick and precise knife skills. The knife is from the Kikuichi Knife Company, 700 years before they were making Samurai swords for the Japanese Emperor.

Dog Steal Cabbage video
Dog Steal Cabbage
This cute dog likes to eat cabbage, he tries his best to get it off the kitchen table when he realized no one is looking at him.

Dutch Speedboat Insurance Advertise video
Dutch Speedboat Insurance Advertise
It is a holiday hard to forget. With a young beautiful girl in the boat, the boy pulls out all the stops to impress his female companion. But, there is always something unexpected happen.

Crowd Gets Surprised During Tank Show video
Crowd Gets Surprised During Tank Show
When you are watching a tank show please keep in mind do not get too close to the tank, here is a example. It's too late when you realize you are too close to the tank.

Never Celebrate Too Soon video
Never Celebrate Too Soon
Everything may happen since the game is not over. The team scores a winning 3 points with only 0.6 seconds left, so they are celebrating their victory. Croatian basketball team Cibona Zagreb did a stupid thing in the NLB Championship game against Serbian team KK Partizan. Dusan Kecman of Partizan heaved a 75-footer with time expiring and banked it in for the improbable victory.

SR 5096 - Unbreakable Glass video
SR 5096 - Unbreakable Glass
SR 5096 is a special type of multi layered glass that is highly resistant against any form of destruction. It can be used in buildings such as banks, showrooms and musea, where burglary prevention is an issue.

Puppy vs Lemon video
Puppy vs Lemon
This is an 8 week old Bernese Mountain dog puppy, she is playing with a lemon. Maybe she does not like the smell of the lemon, or she is dancing to the music.

Tiniest Ridable Bicycle video
Tiniest Ridable Bicycle
Maybe this is the tiniest bicycle in the world, it is not a toy, it is ridable. You can take it with you everywhere because it is tiny enough. Maybe the only problem is the speed.

Hot Air Balloon Fail video
Hot Air Balloon Fail
It is not easy to fly a huge hot air balloon to the sky. Before you release it, there are several things you should check. In this case, these guys even almost send the big truck into the sky.

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