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Crazy Craft Game on Phyfun Games

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Crazy Craft Game Description:

Crazy Craft is a physics-based game where you get to build a craft the way you like it and then beat each level by getting your craft to the end of the track. To build your craft, all you need is there two windows: the Assembly Window and Parts Window. Your craft will mostly consist of a few basic parts: The engine is the power source. The body is what holds the engine. The tires carry the craft around. Later on you'll get some additional parts lke joints and weapons. Joints allow you to attach one part to another. Weapons are for shooting the bad guys. There is a Give Up button at the bottom of the screen if you can't make it and need to return to the Assembly window. Yeah giving up is for wusses, but sometimes you don't have a choice. But if you do manage to reach the finish, great job! You are way less wussy than those losers who gave up. Go crazy trying to beat the next level, where you will get to build more sophisticated craft.

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