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Roly-Poly Cannon Series Games Play and Review

If you are a fan of the Ragdoll Cannon series games, you will probably like Roly-Poly Cannon Series Games, because they are also From Johnny K, the author of the Ragdoll Cannon series games. In the Roly-Poly Cannon Series Games, you have to shoot bombs to kill roly-poly happy faces by blowing them up. The goal of the games are eliminate all the Roly-Polys in each level, what you need to complete the tasks is your trusty cannon. Your bomb actually has to land near the roly poly for it to work as the bomb does not blow up right when it makes contact with something but takes a few seconds after landing to explode. The distance you put you aimer from your cannon determines how much force your shot has. For this reason, do not put the aimer right over your target because it will go over. Use the mouse to aim, left click to fire. Move your mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Position the aimer a bit more vertical than if you were just trying to hit the target and about 60% of the distance to the target for best results. Watch out for obstacles that are in the way or get used to and use them.

Flash Game Roly-Poly Cannon Description: From the author of the Ragdoll Cannon series, another fun physics-based puzzle/action game. Roly-Poly bugs have settled down in the area. It is time to show these unwanted visitors that they have chosen the wrong place to hang out! Don’t mind their cute appearance, just get rid of them one way or another. Your trusty cannon and an accurate aim is all you need to complete this task. Flash Game Roly-Poly Cannon Game Instructions: Eliminate all the Roly-Polys in each level. Use the mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire.

Description of Flash Game Roly-Poly Cannon 2: Shoot as few exploding cannon balls as possible as you kill the bad smileys and save the good.

Roly Poly Cannon 3 physics game description: Roly Poly Cannon game comes back, and it comes with a level editor, you can create and share your own levels. This is the third part of the Roly Poly Cannon games, you have to fire bombs to eliminate the bad creatures without harming the good ones. Roly Poly Cannon 3 physics game controls: Use the mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire. Finish the game in the least amount of shots to get a top score.

ROLY-POLY Eliminator Game Description: Eliminate all evil roly polys. Try not to hurt the friendly roly-polys. Click the shiny blocks to interact with the environment. ROLY-POLY Eliminator Game Instructions: Press the spacebar to reset the level or use the button from the menu.

Roly Poly Monsters game description: It's time to kill some cute Roly Polys again in the Monsters Edition of this funny physics skill game. This time you just drop the bombs with your mouse.


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