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Fantastic Contraption Collection Games Play and Review

Fantastic Contraption Collection Games are very cool physics-based games. The goal of the game is to get the pink object into the pink goal. Use the tool bar to build your contraption in the blue box. Enjoy and have fun!

Fantastic Contraption is a very cool physics-based puzzle game. Use the building materials available to propel the pink object to the goal in each level.

Fantastic Contraption Prius is another part of the Fantastic Contraption collection games. Construct physics-based contraptions to reach your goals with rods and wheels. Use the Sun to your advantage as you try to conserve energy.

Fantastic Contraption 2 is the second part of the Fantastic Contraption collection physics-based games, it is a fun physics game from Sparkworkz. Fantastic Contraption 2 brings back all the fun of the original with new tools, obstacles and a host of community features. Getting the pink ball into the goal was easy. Now try and avoid moving platforms, pistons and mechanical beasts, with nothing more than a couple sticks, some wheels and magnets!


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