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Easiest Way to Peel a Pineapple video
Easiest Way to Peel a Pineapple

Pineapple is delicious but hard to peel. This is the easiest way to peel a pineapple I ever see. This skilled pineapple seller at the Davao City, Philippines showed us his excellent skills to peel a pineapple in a different way. The quick cuts and slices are amazing, the whole peeling time is within 50 seconds.
Funny Dogs Baby Teachers Compilation 2014 video
Funny Dogs Baby Teachers Compilation 2014

Dogs are smart, sometimes they can even act as teachers of babies, and they know how to teach the babies well.

Happy Baby video
Happy Baby

Do you know why both the kids are so happy? Sometimes, happiness can be very simple! Watch the video and find out the reason.
Gibbon Walks the Tight Road video
Gibbon Walks the Tight Road

At Monkeyland, this gibbon walks on the tight road in a very novel way. Just cannot help laughing....

Smart Labrador Retriever Dog Training video
Smart Labrador Retriever Dog Training

Chase is a smart Labrador Retriever breed dog. Unbelievable, he picks out a pool towel from the closet in the bathroom, goes outside to the pool and then jumps into the pool to fetch a frisbee.
Original Excellent Bike Tricks video
Original Excellent Bike Tricks

Tim Knoll showes you his great bike tricks in this video, it is maybe hard for the beginner, but it seems very easy to Tim.

Animals Are Awesome Too video
Animals Are Awesome Too

Animals are necessary characters in the natural, they are awesome tool, this video will show you a brand new awesome compilation in the Humans Are series.
John Merritt Wood Carver video
John Merritt Wood Carver

John Merritt is a professional wood carver and he has been carving for more than 50 years. Watch the video and learn how John create his works.

PSY Miko Style video
PSY Miko Style

Gangnam style is very popular around the world and the parodies are still going and there is no end in sight. Did you ever see the Miss Korea 2012 Contestants do their own parody?
Smart Baby - Who is your Favorite? video
Smart Baby - Who is your Favorite?

This little baby is really smart, watch the video and know who is his favorite.

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