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Susan Egan - Nina Doesn
Susan Egan - Nina Doesn't Care
"Nina Doesn't Care" off of Susan Egan's new CD, The Secret of Happiness, was co-written by Susan and famed comic and rock guitarist Brian Haner.

Amazing Father Daughter Wedding Dance video
Amazing Father Daughter Wedding Dance
Why still have your classic slow dance, you can just show off moves like this. Very happy dance and it is a wedding dance to remember.

The Date, His and Her Perspectives video
The Date, His and Her Perspectives
Life is really interesting. The date was terrible, the date was great, sometimes it's just a matter of perspective.

Awesome Mix of Yoga and Break Dancing video
Awesome Mix of Yoga and Break Dancing
This video almost leaves you squeamish and amazed at the same time. An insanely flexible guy with some serious break dancing skills combines them into one performance.

Richie 4 months video
Richie 4 months
Training cats has always been a difficult task, but appropriate, if somewhat effective, it will make people think it is very easy.

Paths of Hate video
Paths of Hate
This is the winner of this year's JURY AWARD: Polish animation studio PLATIGE IMAGE 2D style CG video produced by "Paths Of Hate" (hatred of the road). The film won this year's siggraph 2011 Jury Best Animated Short Film, Animation Festival 2011 Angxi other awards for Best Animated Short.

A Thousand Hula Hoops video
A Thousand Hula Hoops
Well, I do not know the exact number, maybe not a thousand. But this is really cool, it looks like a giant slinky, enjoy!

Blonde Girl Pranks Boyfriend With Spider video
Blonde Girl Pranks Boyfriend With Spider
Well, I do not know what her boyfriend did to deserve this, but I'm sure he must have done something. Can you imagine a spider that big landed on you?

Lake Michigan Vs. Pedestrians video
Lake Michigan Vs. Pedestrians
Bikers and runners have been warned to stay away from Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, but seems these guys are brave enough to face so strong winds and huge waves.

Super Fast Cake Lady video
Super Fast Cake Lady
This Chinese girl seems to be good at Chinese Kongfu, I'm quite impressed half of them don't end up on the floor!

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