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New Blob Jump Guinness World Record video
New Blob Jump Guinness World Record
What is Blob Jump? It is standing on a high platform and jump to an inflatable pad, and then look at their own will be projected into the tall inflatable cushion. The Swiss Cham on June 1 of this movement to create the latest Guinness Book of World Records, 17 meters.

Epic Meal Time - Russian Meal Time video
Epic Meal Time - Russian Meal Time
Epic Meal Time bunch of good at the sky to break through the power of calorie cuisine of the guys this time went to Georgia, and found the arms of people, began to fire a gun while their production and consumption side "Russian food" process of course, bacon is not small, but a Russian theme, vodka is a natural stage.

Spraying! Poor Car! video
Spraying! Poor Car!
July 18, downtown Montreal, Canada, dump heavy rain, due to too much rainfall, the sewer system can not afford, a "manhole cover change fountain" This appalling scene.

Sexy And Funny Advertisements video
Sexy And Funny Advertisements
Very cool sexy advertisement, have a watch and enjoy!

iANO - iPhone Piano video
iANO - iPhone Piano
iPhone's touch-screen design is a major feature of it, and now fans have been instrumental to its full potential function. A mad love of the piano card there, and quickly try to play it the next.

Funny Beer Commercial video
Funny Beer Commercial
A sexy babes leisurely walking, with their own cleavage forced open the bottle. She opened a beer cap with the chest.

How to Make a Holdable Fireball video
How to Make a Holdable Fireball
You can also have a cool fireball, and hold it in your hand safely, you only need the following items: Cotton cloth, Scissors, Cotton thread and needle, Lighter fluid.

Puppy harassing a cat video
Puppy harassing a cat
The puppy would whine - it's not exactly comfortable to get bitten, even when it's not going to cause an actual injury. The cat was giving him a lesson. If you don't want to be´╗┐ bitten, then don't bite.

Big Blue Ball Machine video
Big Blue Ball Machine
This song might SOUND like Pee Wee Herman, it's actually a piece of classical music called Saber Dance by Aram Khachaturian.

Are you killing me? video
Are you killing me?
The stupid guy is having dinner with his new girlfriend. But what he did seems to killing the girl. Maybe he's too nervous. It's really a terrible day for the beautiful girl.

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